David Lang, aka Davers, is best known for his body of work as a founding member of Victoria, B.C.’s Current Swell. After over a decade of writing, recording and touring in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Brazil, Davers finds himself “finally stepping out” and recording […]

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Kirsten Ludwig

Kirsten Ludwig Although blooming from the suburbs of Calgary, AB, Kirsten Ludwig belongs to no set of roads and dwells in transition. A nomad at heart, Ludwig finds true solace in her quiet ambition, gentle voice, and mellotron-induced thoughts. With a soft demeanour and heavy […]


Frontperson is the new project from Kathryn Calder (vocalist and keyboardist for The New Pornographers) and Mark Andrew Hamilton (who has released 6 albums as Woodpigeon). They’re joined by Melissa McWilliams (drums, drum machine), Jen Sévertson (bass, also of Peach Pyramid), Clea Foofat (cello, also […]

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Layten Kramer

Layten Kramer Psychedelic-folk artist Layten Kramer is pleased to announce the release of his latest 4-track project Glory on April 20th, 2018, with Oscar St. Records. Written and recorded in fragments throughout 2017 within the walls of his Victoria, BC home, Glory illustrates the genuine growth […]

Peach Pyramid

Peach Pyramid is the brimming honesty and personal experience of one Jen Severtson. An internalized cry pulled to the surface; transformed and juxtaposed by way of graceful melodies and swirling guitars.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls Vancouver’s Cascade Falls follows up his 2016 EP ‘Islands’ with a richer, more refined dose of experimental pop music with his new record Clouds Change, Nostalgia Stays the Same. Brimming with kaleidoscopic textures, orchestrated soundscapes and heartfelt vocals, this record presents a massive […]

Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder It’s easy to forget that Kathryn Calder is a music industry veteran. From her first band Immaculate Machine, to the New Pornographers and her solo works Kathryn has released 10 albums over the last 10 years, toured around the world, and solidified herself […]