Kirsten Ludwig

ambient, cinematic, experimental, folk, singer-songwriter

Kirsten Ludwig

Although blooming from the suburbs of Calgary, AB, Kirsten Ludwig belongs to no set of roads and dwells in transition. A nomad at heart, Ludwig finds true solace in her quiet ambition, gentle voice, and mellotron-induced thoughts. With a soft demeanour and heavy mind, Kirsten Ludwig achieves simultaneous vulnerability, strength, grace, and madness.

Aug 6/18Paste Magazine have kindly featured Kirsten Ludwig‘s new single ‘There You Are’ in their Daily Dose!

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“The song’s story plays out like a one-sided conversation, with Ludwig imagining what she would say to her ex-lover if they were with her: “I miss you all the time, especially on these long drives,” she sings. The washed-out wistfulness diminishes the rage Ludwig says she felt, with only traces of her anger flashing through.” – Paste Magazine

‘We Get It Now’, Kirsten Ludwig’s third release, will be out Oct. 5/18 on Oscar St. Records. Available for pre-order here!